What we Believe

The central emphasis of our local church is not a creed but a commitment to follow Jesus as faithful disciples in the modern world.

 We believe in God as Creator and Sustainer.  We confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and we seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit in every aspect of life, thought, and mission.

We hold the New Testament as our guide for living and affirm the need for lifelong study of the scriptures in the community of faith.

The desire to faithfully follow Jesus Christ has led us to emphasize principles that we believe are central in true discipleship. Among these are peace and reconciliation, simple living, integrity of speech, and service to neighbors near and far.

Today we seek to interpret biblical teachings in fresh ways for our day. We encourage members to think about what they buy and how they use their money in an affluent society. We are sensitive to the limited resources of our global community. We encourage people to “affirm” rather than “swear” when taking an oath believing, as did earlier Brethren, that “our word should be as good as our bond.”

Above all, we seek to pattern our daily living after the life of Jesus: a life of humble service and unconditional love. As part of a larger body of believers—the church, the body of Christ—we go into all the world today with a mission of witness, service, and reconciliation.