Our Story

Continuing the work of Jesus. Simply. Peacefully. Together.

We welcome you to the fellowship of the Midland Church of the Brethren, Midland, VA.

The purpose of our Church is to witness to and to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The central vision of our congregation speaks to the heart of who we are: because of our commitment to Jesus Christ, we are a spiritual family who loves all people.

Our congregation offers a wide variety of opportunities for people of all ages. We have Sunday School classes and programs for children. We have special activities for middle school and high school youth. We have many kinds of studies and service opportunities for adults. We have a church where families and individuals of all ages can feel at home.

Our music program brings inspiration to our worship services. Our deacons offer spiritual and physical assistance for those who struggle with life's difficulties.

We invite you to take part in our church programs - to hear inspiring sermons each Sunday.

We would love to have you come join our church family in prayer, and to take part in the Christian service and outreach ministries of our congregation.