Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission Statement:

Knowing and Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ.   Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.

Our Vision Statement:

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Midland Church of the Brethren seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings hope to all people:

We seek Peace; with God, with others, and within ourselves.

As good Stewards of God’s gifts, we value simplicity above status and people above possessions.

Because God so loved the world, we love one another, our enemies as well as our neighbors, through ministries of Compassion and Servanthood.  We are a welcoming Christian Fellowship that is supportive of all individuals and families.

Because education is important to us, we offer traditional Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  Midland Christian Academy, an outreach ministry, instills Christ-like values and provides quality education for preschool through middle school children.

We have no creed but the New Testament.  We follow Christ our Savior in our worship and in our daily lives.  We seek to embrace virtue and reject sin in our lives.  We remember God’s Grace, which offers forgiveness of sin and assurance of salvation.  

Join us in continuing the work of Jesus:
     Peacefully, Simply, Together.