Who Is the Church of the Brethren

The Church of the Brethren is ... first of all, a Christian Church.
     Anabaptist, that is we baptize people as adults or youth old enough to make their own decision about faith and discipleship (and sharing some of our roots with the Mennonites, Amish, and Baptists). 
     Pietist, that is we emphasize a personal relationship with God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) and active participation in worship, holy living, and Christian service (and sharing roots with the Quakers, the Salvation Army, and the Methodists).
    The founders of Heifer International (formerly called the Heifer Project) and SERRV, members of Christian Churches Together, charter members of the National and World Councils of Churches of Christ and many other ecumenical organizations such as Church World Service.
     One of the three Historic Peace Churches (we teach that all war is sin and believe strongly in Christians working to promote peace and good will among all of God's people) along with the Quakers and the Mennonite/Amish family.
     Non-creedal, that is we have no creed or written statement of faith that every member must promise to adhere to, instead claiming simply that the New Testament is our guide for both belief and practice.